About Rushton Marketing

We're in the business of growing business.

Rushton Marketing Ashburton was founded in 2014 to provide affordable outsourced Marketing expertise to busy business owners just like you.

Services include

“We’re a little local Marketing Agency and I like it that way. I love being able to work so closely with other locally owned businesses; being part of their journey and making a real difference to their bottom line through providing marketing services at a price they can afford. ” – Ashleigh Rushton

Small team, big results

Ashleigh Rushton

  • Founder of Rushton Marketing
  • 10+ years in the marketing industry
  • Resident Social Media Expert
  • Loves rap music and going to bed early

Sara Stephens

  • Web developer
  • E-commerce expert
  • Works best at night
  • Watches too much Netflix

Definition: Marketing agency – A marketing agency is a service provider for measures concerning the marketing mix. They assist companies with the planning, design, and execution phases of their marketing activities.

Well, I do that, but I find it hard to call myself a Marketing Agency. I’m just me. Ashleigh Rushton. 👋 I have a decade of experience and a passion for helping local businesses benefit from structured and creative marketing.

I don’t charge Agency rates. I don’t talk Agency jargon. I have fair pricing. I understand your values. I know your struggles and successes. Most of my clients become my friends.

Am I an Agency? On paper maybe. But in real life I’m just me, doing cool shit to help businesses win.