Social Media Advertising

Measurable return on investment for your business.

Advertising on social media is a powerful way to reach new, targeted audiences. With measurable insights, you get a clear picture of how your ad spend is performing and what results you are generating. Rushton Marketing is a Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate. We know what it takes to deliver real life, real exciting results from your Marketing budget. 

Social Media advertising benefits

Budget friendly

Ad spend from $5 a day. That’s around $150 per month for advertising that runs 24/7.

Audience targeting

Pinpoint audience targeting based on Demographics, Interests, Website visitors and even your Client list.

Wider reach

Facebook Ads Manager ads run across Facebook, Instagram and Facebook’s Audience network.


Track exactly how many people looked, clicked and purchased as a result of your ad. 

Real results.

With powerful audience targeting and clever campaign delivery systems, social media advertising is growing businesses all over the world.

Click below to view recent client results.

14 day results

$517 ad spend

$6,320 in online sales

12 x return on investment


24 website sales totalling $1424 in 7 days

$271 spent on ads 

5.25 x return on investment

Tanglez Hair Studio received 12 messages to their Facebook page in the first 10 days of their advertising campaign. The best bit – they only spent $37 to get them! 

2 month campaign

$545 spent on ads

45 online appointments made

Promoting online Stop Smoking sessions during Level 4 lock down.

Spent $250 advertising and 78 enquiries as a result. 

Ad running for 3 weeks, 39 page messages requesting measure and quote.

3 week campaign promoting Halloween costumes.

$139 spent on ads

228 costumes hired 

$4,572 return on investment  

Laser Electrical Ashburton decided to try Facebook ads for the first time.

We set up the campaign and were thrilled when in the first 6 days they had 13 enquiries!

The total result was 48 leads at the end of their 8 week campaign.

Campaign promoting online wedding consults during Level 4 lock down.

6 enquiries in the first 7 days.

Spent $73 and made $8000 in sales.

New e-commerce campaign running for 6 weeks. $2,090 in online sales

Spent $165 on ads over 14 days, $614 in online sales.

Enquiry to Facebook page in first 24 hours of ad going live

In the first 2 weeks ads were shown to 2,703 people, client spent $128 on the ads and received 8 messages as a result.

Social Media Ad Management

When I work as your Facebook Advertising partner I will set up and manage your campaign, tailored to reach your specific target market using clever and engaging ad creative and strategies.  

Once live, your campaign is continually fine-tuned and optimized for maximum performance – Facebook advertising is not ‘set and forget’ – I will be hands-on with your campaign checking it every step of the way. 

Minimum 6 month partnership. Ad spend additional and will be discussed with you.

Your local Facebook + Instagram expert

Proud to be a Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate and Creative Strategy Professional.

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